Firm Overview

About Us

The Menekshe Law Firm is a full-service law firm with offices in Northern and Southern California. The firm’s size, diversity and state-of-the-art information systems as well as communication between offices allows us to offer a comprehensive and integrated range of solutions to individuals and organizations of all sizes. It also allows our lawyers to draw upon a wide range of resources and industry experience to resolve your legal issue quickly and cost-effectively.

Despite the intimidating nature of many of today’s legal issues, Menekshe Law Firm maintains a friendly and congenial atmosphere in which complex legal matters may be addressed and resolved. Our staff is dedicated to providing clients with the highest quality service and representation.

Our lawyers have the knowledge and industry experience to resolve your issues cost-effectively and expeditiously. We consistently provide practical solutions to complicated legal problems. Insurers, business and property owners, consultants, general contractors, construction managers, and subcontractors draw on the expertise of the firm’s top civil litigators, corporate commercial lawyers, insurance law practitioners, and seasoned paralegals.

Our Commitment to Clients

Menekshe Law Firm provides clients a cost-effective way to defend liability claims and manage construction-related liabilities. The Menekshe Law Firm is committed to:

  • Understanding the client’s needs
  • Being accessible
  • Being a part of the client’s team
  • Providing the highest quality legal representation

Our firm will move fast from the moment a file is assigned to us. We pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive evaluation of the case with proper recommendations in our reporting. We immediately contact our clients and opposing counsel as well as the court to gain a complete understanding and handling of the file in a most efficient and prompt way. From the initial report stage we determine if there are any potential tenders of defense needed. We work with our principals hand-in-hand and keep them informed and up-to-date on developments in the case. We provide proper litigation and expert budgets and follow-up with file handlers in obtaining proper authority and agreeing on the recommended handling strategy. We pride ourselves on being able to quickly and economically resolve defect claims through aggressive case management and Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures. We are cost and results oriented. We are aggressive in seeking any probable additional insureds to reduce costs. Our goal is to get the case resolved and file closed in a most expeditious and effective way. Yet, our opponents know that we will not hesitate to take a case to trial when necessary.

We are very particular in not only following the known steps of handling litigated files but thinking outside the box to accomplish results more rapidly. We evaluate, strategize and handle each case differently based on specific requirements of the case; nevertheless, we strictly adhere to our reporting requirements and result oriented goals. We will customize our approach based on the needs of the clients and adhere to each individual’s guidelines and protocol. We closely monitor the cost of litigation for our clients, which we consider a major element in the successful conclusion of the case. We determine when we need an expert and what experts will be retained very carefully and precisely. We only work with top notch experts who are the absolute leaders in their field and who we know well based on past work experience. We pride ourselves in responding to inquires and comments from our clients and principals immediately. We provide critical evaluations and reporting with recommendations prior to every critical point in the litigation including mediations, arbitrations, and trials.

How We Excel

Personal relationships are what we are all about at the Menekshe Law Firm. We pride ourselves on working together to give our clients the best experience possible. Our attorneys bring more than insight to the negotiation table — we bring dedication, loyalty and legal ability to the forefront of legal practice.

Our attorneys have the distinct advantage of having represented insurance companies, individuals, as well as plaintiffs in settlement negotiations and trial proceedings. We understand how the other side thinks because we’ve been on the other side. Our cross-disciplinary perspective helps us understand the strategies at play at the settlement table and in the courtroom setting.

This knowledge helps us represent our clients better. Most negotiations involve a balance sheet approach, in which each party weighs the strength of the evidence and the expense of trial to negotiate a fair outcome.

Our experience in and out of the courtroom has helped us excel. We keep our case loads manageable and our workplace efficient by streamlining our process and working with experienced paralegals. Decades of trial experience allows us to keep our billable hours reasonable while maintaining a close watch on case progress. Our goal is to achieve swift and just resolutions without unnecessary expense.

We have the ability to share risk with our clients. Our attorneys take on cases on an hourly-fee and fixed-fee basis, wherein we strive to achieve the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time. We are mindful of the costs associated with waiting when the circumstances require careful and speedy results.

Associations / Licenses

American Bar Association; California Bar Association; Association of Trial Lawyers of America; Consumer Attorneys of California. Santa Clara County Bar Association; Los Angeles County Bar Association; Orange County Bar Association; and AmBest (American Best Lawyers).

Honors & Awards

  • Who’s Who in American Law
  • Who’s Who in the West
  • America’s Best

How to Reach Us

Our firm has two office locations in Campbell and Irvine, California. To contact us, please email us or call our toll-free number: (877) 240-1077. We look forward to assisting you with your case.