Real Estate Fraud

Purchasing residential or commercial real estate can be a stressful process involving a considerable amount of time and money — especially for the investors, buyers and lenders involved. The sheer amount of money involved can cloud judgment and make it difficult to make informed, knowledgeable choices before proceeding with a potential litigation.

An experienced attorney at the Menekshe Law Firm can streamline the process of exploring the possibility of real estate fraud and can take legal action when issues get flagged by our skilled team of investigators. We are available to handle a wide variety of real estate matters, including:

  • Assisting clients with sale and purchase documents for residential and commercial properties, leasing agreements and a variety of real estate transaction issues
  • Representing borrowers and homeowners who have been harmed by unscrupulous lenders, brokers and loan servicers engaged in predatory lending practices
  • Handling landlord/tenant disputes, including cases involving eviction proceedings, unpaid rent claims and habitability claims
  • Addressing contractor fraud claims, representing insurers and insureds in matters relating to misrepresentation of the cost for a building project, failure to disclose a lack of required licenses and permits, or use of hidden or misleading contractual terms

If you need assistance with a real estate transaction or would like an attorney to review loan documents to ensure that the lender or broker is complying with federal and state laws, have an experienced real estate attorney at the Menekshe Law Firm assist you.

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