Insurance Defense Attorneys

What We Do

Pocketbook analysis is a key factor of our insurance strategy and defense work. Effective case management requires an attorney to keep an eye toward economical solutions to industry-wide problems. Mindful of the costs, we weigh the benefits of various transactions to negotiate outcomes that are in our insurance clients’ best interests.

We pride ourselves in providing successful results with efficiency. After receiving a file, we immediately contact our clients and opposing counsel as well as the court to gain a complete understanding of how to handle the file in the most efficient and prompt way. We provide a timely comprehensive evaluation of the case with proper recommendations in our reporting. From the initial report stage, we determine if there are any potential tenders of defense needed. We work with our principals hand-in-hand and keep them informed and up-to-date on developments in the case. We provide proper litigation, expert budgets and follow-up with file handlers to obtain buy in for the handling strategy. Our attorneys are very experienced and we do not do tasks and activities just because they are something we can bill. Our primary objective is to quickly and economically resolve claims through aggressive case management and Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures. We are cost and results oriented. We are aggressive in seeking opportunities to tender resolution at reduced costs. Our goal is to get the case resolved and closed in the most effective way possible. Yet, our opponents know that we will not hesitate to take a case to trial when necessary.

Our goal is to obtain the best result for our client and principal in the most proficient manner possible. Thus, we are proactive in seeking a resolution to any claim from day one. We are very particular in not only following the known steps of handling litigated files, but thinking outside the box to accomplish more successful results. We evaluate, strategize and handle each case differently based on the specific requirements the case demands; nevertheless, we strictly adhere to our reporting requirements and result-oriented goals. We will customize our approach based on the needs of the clients and our attorneys and personnel are trained to strictly adhere to our principal’s guidelines and protocol. We watch over and closely monitor the cost of litigation for our clients, which we consider a major element in the successful conclusion of the case. We carefully determine when we need an expert and which experts should be retained. We only work with top notch experts who are the absolute leaders in their field. We provide critical evaluations and reporting with recommendations prior to every critical point in the litigation including mediations, arbitrations, and trials. Not only do we work together as a firm, we strive to be an integral part of a team with our client, principal and experts to produce better results.

We will not give up our efforts in obtaining the best result at any point for any reason. We believe our integrity and determination is a reflection of our client’s and principal’s resolve and reputation, which is why we strive to do our best. We pride ourselves on responding to inquiries and comments from our clients and principals immediately. We are not a vendor to our clients or principals, but we are striving to become an integral part of a team. We have long-standing relationships established with our clients solely based on our performance, responsiveness, reliability and resolve. Our goal is to take care of the needs of our clients at every level. We believe it is our responsibility to make the file-handler successful in performing his or her job.

We have successfully mediated and tried multimillion dollar claims involving complex construction defects, multi-party habitability, premises liability, catastrophic injury and other liability claims.

We have invested in and utilize a state-of-the-art electronic billing system which is equipped to handle the billing requirements of our principals. Further, our Billing Department works around-the-clock to ensure that our billing is accurate, advanced costs and vendor costs are economically and efficiently processed so that our principal’s workload is minimized. By tendering to other carriers early on in the case, we have been successful in saving our principals thousands of dollars in litigation costs and settlements. Proper handling of a file as well as securing the sharing of defense costs whenever possible, is a substantial factor in securing an economic resolution to a case for our clients and principals. Therefore, we do not take this responsibility lightly.